Anders Ehlin (SWE) is a Berlin based awarded composer and sound artist, working mainly in the fields of Cinema and Art Installation. His compositional practice span from lush orchestra and choir works to multi-channel EAM compositions. During recent years he has also delved into artistic research around language, cognitive dissonance and resonating bodies. This research has manifested itself in a directly related sound sculptural practice and his artworks have in the past couple of years been exhibited at The Vitra Design Museum (Wald-am-Rein), Aperto Raum (Berlin), ZKM (Karlsruhe), RA (London) and more. In parallel he is continuously commissioned for abstract sound compositions and sound design for video artists such as Loretta Fahrenholz and Philipp Lachenmann. For video artist Jeremy Shaw he has been doing voice manipulation and the development of the otherworldly languages of the protagonists in the three last productions, of which the latest one, Phase Shifting Index, has been prolonged at Centre Pompidou in Paris. At present he is composing the street opera Lauratibor against the aggressive gentrification of Berlin.

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