Site Specific Sound Installation

Medium: Medium: Microphone, Dustbin, White Board, Cleaning Utensils, 4 Channel Audio, Max/MSP Patch
Exhibition: “Und also sprach das Internet: Du sollst dir ein Bildnis machen“
    Haus 10, Fürstenfeldbruck, Munich

By digitally fragmentizing live radio broadcasts across the different speakers positioned across the rooms, Åsiktskorridor tries to create a locally contained warped information collage, giving the notion of information, but essentially never allowing us to fully grasp the overall picture. In a corridor a microphone is installed that in periods or fragments, or when fed with a signal loud enough, will interfere with the fragmented broadcast, essentially giving the visitors a possibility to get their own voices heard, i.e air their opinions, within the local audio network. But because of the fragmented nature of the algorithm, you will never know when, if at all, or what part of what you say will be picked up and redistributed. You are in other words always at the risk of being misinterpreted, misquoted, misunderstood, or simply ignored. By this, the installation wants to challenge our awareness of real life vocal participation vs for example stating one’s opinions through an online avatar, thereby working actively with the exhibition’s overall topic of proxies. How big is the step to say something that potentially will be distributed through the loudspeakers across the gallery, compared to commenting to a post on social media? How big is the personality gap between the real us and our avatar representations?