Choir Work

Performed by: Maria Magdalena Motettkör, Stockholm, led by Ragnar Bohlin.
Recorded at: Sveriges Radio Studio 1, Stockholm.
Engineered by: Mats Lundgren, Max Lachmann

”Selective Cluster” piece for 4 voice mixed choir. Each performer gets to modulate to his/her liking within the same intervall from the notes written in the 4 voices. The point with this micro improvisation task was on one hand a musical and textural one, but on the other hand just as much a singing and interaction exercise. How much will you perform your given freedom to modulate based on your own decision vs your neighbor’s decision, and vice versa. Where do these start and end, or do they even separate?

Several recording passes made to click with diferent intervall directions. Laid together as overdubs in post, 2nd half of the piece being an digital re-interpretation of the recorded material.