Fire At Will

Kinetic Sound Sculpture
Piezo Cheramic Elements, Speaker Cable, Pidestal Fan
Exhibition: “Und also sprach das Internet: Du sollst dir ein Bildnis machen“
    Haus 10, Fürstenfeldbruck / Munich

Fire At Will conceptually takes over from the overall framework set by Åsiktskorridor, by portraying the polarized nature of the growing partisanship seen across the world’s political stage, that seem destined to sow divide and/or dumb down the general debate. Two small piezo speakers hung from the ceiling are put in swinging motion in tandem by a pedestal fan slowly panning left to right. Its constantly changing blowing direction ensures the speakers to always swing out of unison, still stay in parallel motion and never actually crash into each other. All the while the Lee and Karen iterations of Apple’s TTS-engine Siri laconically utters the word “Bang” on random occasions through each of them respectively. Like the political debate they portray, they do give us a faux feeling of interacting with each other, their movements seeming synchronized albeit reversed, kept in perpetual inverted motion by how the wind of opinion change, all the while shooting randomly against each other from their respective trenches, without actually getting much said.