Breath.  Pause.  Black.


Sound Sculpture

9-Channel Audio, Computer Running Max/Msp, Wooden Frame
“Horror Vacui”, Aperto Raum, Transmediale-Vorspiel 2018

Starting with the sound of his own breath as source material, the Artist uses data from a 3D-scanning of the Gallery to modulate his soundscape to Breath. Pause. Black. By juxtaposing and phase shifting fragments of his own breathing, Ehlin paints a sonified but blind folded version of the gallery.
The Artist links with the Exhibition’s overall topic of The Void by subjecting the Visitor to a rejected sonic experience when standing under/inside the arch. By phase inverting the audio signals arriving at the inner left and right side, the sound inside the arch appears to come from somewhere else in the gallery, creating a feeling of emptiness. Breath is the absence and the anticipation of the voice, the starting point and the pause. It’s the physical filling of our bodily void, and likewise its emptying. Cyclic balance and interruption intertwined, in order to sustain life.