Elusive Eloquence 

EAM Composition

Medium: Max patch running within Ableton Live
Conceived at The Triple-i Artist Residency, Rome, October 2016

A non repeatable, re-fragmentizing patch which deploys specifc parts of Ehlin’s flm scores, originally created within a cinematic context. The Artist appropriates his own commissioned work, initially meant to underpin specifc dramatic highlights, in order to deconstruct them.
The original orchestral arrangements evoke specifc emotions, and bear strong connotations of cinematic, nostalgic experiences, but in this context they become rudely interrupted. They make us aware of the strategies of flm scoring, and play with the listener’s expectations. Who sets the parametrical stakes for an auditory climax? How much climax is healthy?

During its initial playback, the audio fle of choice gets recorded and directly processed by an algorithm that chops up and restructures the audio data into larger chunks. At the end of the piece the process restarts with the processed fle which gets subjected to the same treatment, but now re-fragmented in new randomly chosen places, with parts repeating, as well as re-ordered, reversed and pitched. A manifestation of the way our creativity, our thoughts tend to change course, skip forwards and backwards by means of association, rather than linearity. How much is actually left of the original thought in the end?