Vestibular Guide


Site Specific Sound Installation / Recreation Room

Material: Acousticly Treated Cubicle w Glass Ceiling, Stereo Audio, or Headphones & Inflatable pillow
Concept, Development: Anders Ehlin, Rana Karan, Lene Vollhardt
Musical Composition: Anders Ehlin
Reading: Lene Vollhardt, Rana Karan
Exhibitions: Bless No 57 ”Worker’s Delight”
    Vitra Design Museum, Basel/Wald-am-Rhein/ CH, 2016,
    “Und also sprach das Internet: Du sollst dir ein Bildnis machen“
    Haus 10, Fürstenfeldbruck, Munich/ DE, 2018
    Royal Academy of Arts, London/ GB, 2019
*Nominated for the ZKM Scholarship 2016, ZKM, Center of Arts Karlsruhe / DE

Vestibular Guide / Waiting Room is a site specific sound installation as well as a mobile relaxation guide that in all its iterations explores the human body in its adaption to complex environments, non-places like like institutional buildings, shopping malls or museums. The habitat of the “posthuman condition“, mediated by technological enhancement, is also the realm of Vestibular Guide, a site where the organic and the non-organic meet, where instrospection and supermodernistic immersion converge. Vestibular Guide fathoms to make room for possibilities of an automatic reset, by means of electric signals, voice and language.

By employing Solfreggio frequencies, theta healing and subtly oscillating and inductive narrative, Vestibular Guide aims to create an auditive detox. Can technology make you feel your organs and loose your limbs? Can contradictory linguistic input momentarily put your brain at ease?