Selected Sound Design

Svenskarna / The Swedes

Short Film (30min)

Medium: 4k Video, 5.1 Sound
Director: Manolo Diaz Rämö
Produced by: Braza Film
Sound Design, Additional Music, Sound Mix: Anders Ehlin

Svenskarna (The Swedes) is a folk fusion band whose members are four middle-aged Swedish actors with roots from Turkey, Russia, Uganda, France and Spain. Manolo Diaz Rämö starts filming them in his search for answers regarding his own conflicting feelings about identity and belonging. A personal and heart-warming exploration of migration through music, friendships and shared stories.

### Awards:
The 2017 LJUDBANG Award for best Soundwork ||  Stora priset + Best Film +27 Category at STOCKmotion Film Festival Stockholm

Two AM

Feature Film (87min)

Medium: 4k Video, 5.1 Sound
Director: Loretta Fahrenholz
Produced by: Galerie Buchholz
Sound Design, Music: Anders Ehlin, Steffen Martin


Animated Short Film (12min)

Medium: Mixed Animation, Stereo Sound
Director: Rasmus Ramö-Streith
Produced by: Braza Film
Sound Design, Music Edit, Sound Mix: Anders Ehlin

The Grace Chapters

Short Film (20min)

Medium: 2k 3D Video, Stereo Sound
Director: Lene Vollhardt
Produced by: Stiftung Badem-Würtenberg
Sound Design, Score: Anders Ehlin
Dramaturgical Consultation: Anders Ehlin